Fusing Your Inverter is Essential: Know Why

Fusing Your Inverter is Essential Know Why - Prostar


Being a user of inverter, you must have some queries like: why is a fuse needed while installing an inverter? Does not the inverter have in-built protection? Well, an inverter definitely has various protection features which help prevent harm to the inverter. An inverter doesn’t protect against a short in the battery wires.

First, you should know that circuit breakers and fuses are basically used for protecting the system cables from getting extremely hot and catching fire. The second thing is that they are additionally used for protecting machineries from catching fire or from more seriously becoming damaged in case a short circuit happens.

12V Lead Acid battery is a good example. For instance, if a short develops in DC/AC inverter, the battery and the fuse between it will protect the battery from a possible explosion and then it will cut the circuit quick enough for preventing the wires from getting seriously hot or catching fire. However, in this case, the DC/AC inverter, wires and battery will be disabled safely by the fuse.

Battery Fuse to inverter:

The fusing and wiring from the battery to a DC/AC inverter is essential as this is where the most current will possibly flow. The recommended fusing and wire must be received from the inverter manual. Possibly, it is the inverter already has an in-built breaker or fuse on the input and output side of the unit. For instance, a 1500-watt 12V Sine Wave inverter draws almost 125 Amps consistently, a number which increases to 156 Amps.

However, there is no way for the inverter for protecting against a short circuit, if you consider where the short has happened. Without an over-current machine, you can finish up harming your inverter, battery and cables.

Some other reasons are also there for considering an over-current machine protection. Do you want to stay in a house wired up without any circuit breakers? Do think about this. Why not invest a small measure of time and money for installing an inline fuse for protecting against the damage of inverter and battery?


Fusing Your Inverter is Essential Know Why


Post time: Oct-18-2017