Correct Selection Of Backup Time For UPS

Correct Selection of Backup Time for UPS - Prostar


UPS backup time is generally a problem concerned by customer in the purchase process. Usually most people prefer to choose the UPS which power backup the longer the better, in fact, this is not correct.

We must firstly clear that the seller will usually have standard type UPS and long-acting UPS. Standard type UPS with built-in battery, after a power interruption can supply power to the load equipment in general for a few minutes to tens of minutes, of course, the length of time depends on the load. Long acting UPS can not only meet the power requirement of load, but also meet the requirements of customers and work types and so on, so the long-term UPS is usually equipped with an external battery pack.

If the client is not particularly strict to the work condition of the load, and the power of the load is not particularly large, usually with standard type UPS would be enough. Because the choice of long backup time UPS is bound to increase the number of battery groups and thus increase costs, is undoubtedly a waste which requirement is not very high.

Generally, in the power environment is poor, more frequent power outages in the area power supplied by UPS and generator, while the battery power supply is mainly affected by the load size, battery capacity, environmental temperature, battery discharge cut-off voltage and other factors. So this time we recommend that users generally choose to better safeguard the long-term high type operation UPS. Reasonable UPS hardware configuration can not only reduce the costs, but also provide better power security.


Correct Selection of Backup Time for UPS


Post time: Oct-10-2017
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