All That You Need To Know About Line Interactive UPS Suppliers

All That You Need To Know About Line Interactive UPS Suppliers - Prostar


There are tonnes of line interactive UPS suppliers in the market, all guaranteeing great quality and higher power. However, not all of them can be right and there has to be a certain way to find out which one is the best. To help the reader through this, we have enlisted some advantages and disadvantages in these interactive UPSs to draw a line between what to buy and what not to buy. Read on to know more.



• Line Interactive UPS is more reliable than online UPS power supplier. This is because these UPSs continually condition and regulate the AC utility power.

• Preferably, these types of UPS are used more in small organisations where they can handle load and function properly.

• The cost of line interactive UPS is relatively lower than on-line UPS. Not only this, they also offer energy saving up to 96-98 percent.

• Another added advantage is the fact that normally online UPS work on power in case of power cuts. However, on the other end, line UPS work on battery. These are also called Double conversion or double conversion online.

• The line UPS does not get overheated as quickly as the online UPS does. This is why online UPS systems require more frequent battery replacements.

• The interactive UPS has longer life than the online system. This is because online systems require higher maintenance when compared with line UPS.



• The most common disadvantage of this line interactive UPS is their size. These are larger in size and might not work well in comparison to other topologies of UPSs.

• Another point of consideration here is that these UPSs consume more battery and frequently need maintenance.

• In case of loss of power, the line UPS might not be able to provide immediate power utility. However, online UPS can do this right after a power cut.

• Sometimes line interactive UPS has less reliability due to the fact that they have highly redundant system. This increases work load on the system and may fail to function properly.

• Unlike interactive UPS, online UPS offers Standby Online Hybrid systems that come with higher-energy efficiency. There is no such thing in case of interactive UPS and so, this is one disadvantage to it.

• line UPS can provide direct energy supply until the consumption is within tolerable limits. However, interactive UPSs do not provide direct energy. This means that as soon as battery dies, the power utility stops working.





All That You Need To Know About Line Interactive UPS Suppliers


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