Your boat batteries; Do it right with, NORTHSTAR AGM Batteries.

8 years!!!!!! That’s EIGHT YEARS, I went trouble free. Till last week. But I knew some day I’ll have to go all new. How can YOU get 8 years P-L-U-S out of your boats batteries? Well like everything else. Battery innovation is in constant change. For one, NORTHSTAR AGM batteries, and #2 a quality Dual Pro on-board charging system. Do it right ONCE, or you’ll be in that battery hatch more than you like. And it could be a 110 degree Florida summer day. Which is never really good for anyone.


other useful info:

-Battery Distributors SouthEast inc:

-Battery Depot: Ramona Blvd – 781-6167
Phillips Hiway – 268-8806

Post time: Mar-15-2018
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