Xantrex Powersource 400 unboxing

Quick unboxing of the monster 40 amp hour 650 va powersource 400. The 400 is capable of running a desktop setup (monitor, tower, router and speakers) for a few hours and a laptop setup for over 9 hours (actual user run times). The powersource 400 achieves such a long extended run time by using two 12 volt 20 amp hour deep cycle agm batteries. The batteries are wired in parallel, which maintains 12 volts and doubles the capacity to 40 amp hours. Most ups ‘s on the market would only have 20 amp hours capacity, due to being wired in series (Series = positive post post connected to negative post. capacity would only be 20 ah (24 volt) with a series connection). The fact that the batteries are larger and have larger cells than most ups’s in the 400′s price range means much longer service life. One thing to note is that the powersource 400 is extremely heavy thanks to the extra battery bulk, but some users will appreciate the weight for it’s added stability. Having an extended run time makes the 400 more than just a ups, it can also be used as a generator alternative during outdoor events, power outages and parties. Overall the powersource 400 seems to be a great device, that should provide years of service and hours of backup for my electronics during an outage. More information will be available in the the full review. If you want your own powersource 400, please check out Xantrex.com for a listing of available retailers and prices.

Post time: Jan-23-2018
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