Wind solar and hydel based hybrid power generation with inverter

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MOSFET, Transistor, Power Transistor, IGBT, SCR, TRIAC, Relays etc.

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The system also uses solar energy to charge the battery. The battery supply is fed to pulse generator and in turn to a MOSFET which is capable of generating ON/OFF pulses of different frequencies. This is fed to a step up transformer to generate a voltage AC. This AC is fed to the water pump through which the water can be pumped into the fields.
Hydel technology has improved significantly over past two decades, and hydel energy has become increasingly competitive with other power generation options. Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity by hydro power; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force or falling or flowing water. This energy is again fed to the battery to charge it.
The entire system involves three types of power generations solar, wind, and hydel based power generation systems. The battery which is used can be recharged with the two generation inputs like solar and wind turbine. From this energy the water pump can be controlled using inverter design. From this water flow we can restore the energy generation through hydel turbine set up. The battery is connected to the inverter. This inverter is used to convert the 12volt DC to the 230 Volt AC. This 230 volt AC voltage is used to activate the loads like water pump. Here we are also using conventional battery charger unit to recharge the battery. In this project we are using wind blade set up, hydel based turbine set up, geared dc motor Reverse polarity preventer cum polarity corrector, AC ripples neutralizer, unidirectional current controller and we battery which has high charge storing capability and long durability.

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