Why Beginners should Train with High Frequency

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In this video I wanted to share a few training tips for complete beginners.

My main tip is: Use a high frequency routine.

High frequency is ideal for two reasons:
1. It allows you to learn exercise form very quickly. If you practice one exercise 2-3 times a week you’ll master it in a much shorter period of time.
In addition to this, the vast majority of strength gains you make in the beginning are neurological in nature. Muscle growth is almost non-existent until your nervous system learns to recruit muscle fibers properly.
The faster you can get through those neurological adaptations, the faster you’ll get to the point where muscles have to increase in size to produce force.
Make no mistake, if your body can get stronger through improved wiring instead of adding muscle to your frame, it will. Muscle is active tissue and requires energy to sustain. Your body doesn’t want to be muscular unless it needs to.

2. You get stronger faster. When you’re a beginner you can progress at a very fast rate. So it makes sense to train a movement several times a week and set a PR every time you do it.

Make sure to remember than high frequency only works with low volume. So take it easy in the beginning. Don’t do all the exercises under the sun, practice just 3-4 compound exercises, master those, and then you can add in more pump work and isolation movements.

Let me know what you think about these ideas in the comments.

Post time: Jan-11-2018
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