Whole House Solar Power, PV, not a DIY, installed by Astrum Solar/ Direct Energy Solar Net Meter

Whole house solar power system grid tied rated at peak performance of 10kw. This video is NOT in any way affiliated with Astrum Solar or any other Solar Power company… it is for information purposes only and shows the home I designed and constructed myself… solar power was something I wanted someone else to install as I felt it was important to have the system warranty in the event that something fails to function as designed. The panels are the New Pluto Technology which prove more efficient in generating energy on overcast, rainy and even snow days. If the sun is shining, power is generated even through several inches of snow. That technology pushed my decision to go ahead with it here in the North Eastern United States. Smaller homes with less suitable roof spacing will need higher density panels, or possibly have a yard array… Astrum Solar offered us the option of roof mounted or yard mounted (yard mounted would have been more efficient in it’s orientation to the sun) but I wanted it off the ground. My roof shingles are rated for 40 years, the panels are rated to perform at 80% rated efficiency even after 25 years, so I think we are in good shape. We can add more panels later if needed and we left space to do that on one array.

Post time: Apr-08-2018
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