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There are three main types of batteries for automotive use.

1. Basic Start Calcium Battery – which can take heat so great for under bonnet and are designed for a large output (starting the car)
2. Under Bonnet AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Battery – can also take heat so great for under bonnet however they have a lower output for running fridges and lights in your caravan or camper trailer.
3. Full Glass Mat AGM Battery – Can’t withstand heat and are sealed and omits no gasses so great for enclosed spaces like inside your caravan or in the rear or your car.

Good morning everybody and today we’re going to talk about batteries. There’s really three main kinds of batteries that you’ll find in your standard automotive use. You’ve just got your basic standard starting battery, so this is a calcium battery. It can take heat and is designed for a large output quickly, so it’s good for starting. It’s not designed for slow output, so it’s not good for fridges or anything like that. It’s a starting battery designed to go under your bonnet. You’ll pretty much get them in two main designs.

Obviously posts at the top or most of your European cars will have what’s called a Din Style battery, which has got the recessed posts, so they sit neater. That’s basically what you’ve got under your bonnet, old school, everybody knows it. What we’re moving into now is the modern style of battery. These have come about as caravaners and for fridges and sort of these low output, long term sort of capabilities. First is an under bonnet style AGM, so this a vented Glass Mat battery. This you can put under your bonnet. It’s designed, you can use it for running your fridge or something like that.

It’s a bit of a hybrid style battery, so you can also start off it in a pinch but it’s really designed for a long term output and really general, for fridges, lighting, stuff like that. That’s good for under bonnet. If you’re going to put a battery in your caravan, then you move towards what’s called your full Glass Mat AGM. This is a sealed battery. It will emit no gasses, anything like that, so you’ll find it under beds in your caravan, any sort of small enclosed places. You can also put it in a canopy in the rear of your Ute.

This is better for that sort of slow discharge, low voltage situation and the only problem with it is it won’t take heat, so you put it under a bonnet, we get them in and they balloon up and they crack the cases. In deciding which battery you’re going to purchase, it depends on it’s location as much as it’s application. Hopefully that’s everything you need to know batteries in a quick Battery 101. Thank you.

Post time: Oct-24-2017
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