UPS to 1.5kW Sinewave Inverter Conversion part10 – Conclusion

A free 1500 Watt sine wave Inverter?? This video shows how you can make one for very minimal cost.

In this video series I convert an APC Smart UPS 1500 into a 1500W sinewave inverter. I cover the conversion process in detail explaining the whats, hows, and whys along the way.

This video series is very lengthy and I debated whether I would put it on YouTube because many people may find it rather boring, however when my previous UPS to Inverter conversion video hit 5k hits I decided to also upload this one. It is more detailed, complete, and in-depth than my Back UPS 650 video and should be considered educational rather than entertainment.

If you want a stripped down version that just covers the conversion process, leave a comment, and I may make an abbreviated version that leaves out the technical info and the whys.

Part 1:
introductions, general inspection, and first-time-fireup of the UPS.

Part 2:
The guts of the UPS. A description of how it works and what I need to do to upgrade its capabilities.

Part 3:
UPS waveforms. The different types, how they are produced, and why.

Part 4:
A demonstration of the differences between modified Sine vs true sinewave inverters, and a test of the output waveform of the Smart UPS 1500.

Part 5:
Benchmarking. I test the thermal performance, efficiency, and surge capability of the un-modified UPS.

Part 6:
Making modifications to the PCB that will upgrade its capacity. Adding transistors, a capacitor, and resistors.

Part 7:
Benchmarking part2: Testing the operation and surge capability of the upgraded UPS.

Part 8:
Increasing the output limit to 1500W using the APC Software and a terminal program to modify the internal factory calibration settings.

Part 9:
Testing the thermal performance of the UPS/Inverter after all of the upgrades and changes.

Part 10:
Final results and conclusion.

Post time: Nov-30-2017
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