UPS Ltd Case Study: Colt Data Centre Video
This video explains how Colt have used UPSL as their uninterruptible power supply provider.

Guy: Colt Is one of those unknown things In the data centre market. I’m Guy Ruddock, I’m the VP of design, development and operations for Colt data centre services based In the UK but with a global reach.
The most Important criteria of a modern data centre Is energy efficiency and the difference between an efficient data centre and a Inefficient data centre Is literally millions of pounds a year. The power system needs to be efficient; we don’t run our data centres fully loaded. They’re run on an A and B system and both have to be able to power but when they’re running they run together. So you look In the market place for people who can provide uninterruptible power supplies that are really efficient at that capacity. UPSL are that company.
David: We’re very proud and very pleased to be supporting Colt on this mission critical UPS part of the project.
Guy: We came up with the Idea of build the data centre In the same way that you would build an offshore oil production platform, build the units complete, have them tested In a factory, and then ship them to site and bolt them together and switch them on – that changes everything. Within almost an Instant we got our first customer wanting to be part of our module data centre and that customer was a Japanese Investment bank. We said we’ll deliver this thing In four months, we will deliver It complete, and It will work straight out the box – and It did. Incidentally the same units have now been Installed and are now running with airlines, we have telecommunications, we have marketing companies all using the same – the same technique.
Guy: The data centre market Is continuing to exhibit explosive growth and Colt Is focused on the modular data centre market which has a lot of advantages over the traditional construction of data centres.
Guy: It’s faster, It’s cheaper, It’s very much more resilient, the customers love It so we think we’re In the right area. Inherent In our management committee are the critical suppliers and one of the three of our critical suppliers Is our UPS provider. With UPSL I know all of my contacts, I know exactly who I’m dealing with, I know who I’m talking to, the reaction Is very fast and It can be day or night and we’ve proven that In the past.

Post time: Oct-10-2017
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