They Call It The PowerHouse…

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This is the Anker PowerHouse. Easily the largest battery pack I’ve ever featured here on Unbox Therapy. In fact Anker refers to it as a “power source” and rightfully so. It features 120,000mAh of juice, capable of running a TV for four hours or a portable fridge for seven!

From the manufacturer –

With PowerHouse, we’ve taken mobile power to a whole new level, creating a power solution that’s remarkably potent yet portable, incredibly smart and versatile. This is not just another power pack. This is the premier portable power supply.

PowerHouse packs enough power to fully charge your laptop 15 times or give your phone 40 recharges, all this in a compact, easy-to-carry build. It’s the perfect camping or roadtrip partner you can take anywhere.

An AC outlet, a 12V car socket and 4 fast-charging USB ports enable you to power an extensive range of devices and appliances. Recharge PowerHouse via AC or go completely off the grid by
connecting a compatible solar charger.

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Post time: Dec-10-2017
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