The Science Behind the Motomaster Eliminator Ultra AGM battery

The Science Behind the Motomaster Eliminator Ultra AGM battery

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The AGM technology found in the MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra was originally developed for use in military aircraft.

Today AGM or “Absorbed Glass Mat” technology helps automotive batteries keep pace with the high energy demands of modern vehicles.

Inside both Lead-Alloy plates and ultra-fine Glass-Fiber Mat insulators evenly suspend the electrolyte fluid.

Each glass mat absorbs Electrolyte like a sponge.

There is no free-flowing fluid or gaps.

This close-proximity and absolute coverage helps protect against corrosion and freezing plus improves energy transfer for faster recharging.

Electrical conductivity is further enhanced by the use of an advanced Graphite additive in the paste formula.

This also prevents the formation of sulfate deposits so your battery performs like new longer.

The cells are then tightly packed in rows under high compression giving you maximum energy density minimum internal resistance and protection against vibration damage.

Plus a specially designed pressure relief valve system is used to recombine gases within the battery.

This minimizes moisture loss and prevents corrosion both key to a long serviceable battery life.

And while some AGM battery designs use cylindrical plates surrounded by voids the MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra uses full-coverage Flat Plates so that all available space is used to produce power.

So if you want a battery that is reliable powerful and is up to the high-energy demands of today’s modern vehicles consider the proven capabilities of AGM.

Available at Canadian Tire.

Post time: Dec-12-2017
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