Tesco Mark Group Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installation Angus Scotland

LOTS OF INFO HERE – EXPAND ME. 1575 watt 9 Sharp panel system. Deal set up via Tesco , system installed by the Mark Group. Output guaranteed by Tesco for 25 years … same time period as your Feed In Tariffs are guaranteed for. Also recd free 10 yr installation guarantee. Installed Angus, Scotland late November 2010, Nov 30. output – 600w at sunny midday. Feb 27 output – 1300w at sunny midday. Do it for the planet or for profit … either reason it’s a great investment. Installers scaffold shadow BTW.
Update: Feb 27th. Panels been up and running for 3 months. nov.2009-feb.2010 we used 1414 units. dec.2010-feb.2011 we used 1113 units. Panels and being more energy conscious saved us using 301 units. In same period we generated 123 kw/h. Dishwash and tumble dry during sunny periods. Very positive so far.
Update: May 11th. Panels generting more than design rating now … seen 1610 kw/h on inverter display. Most excellent! Leccy bill due at end of May so will update you on savings then. First F.I.T. payment of £82 was received without hassle. Remember to put F.I.T. money in an ISA or it will take ages to payback. F.I.T. tariffs were increased on April 2011 to 43.3p /unit (4.8% increase!)

Overshadowing problem impacts generation up to 10.30am summer and midday winter – see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stNbNJ-e0e0
Update: Aug 19th. Electricity board meter was replaced at end of May – it was charging us for electricity going in to house AND going out. We smelled a rat. Wasn’t noticed in winter months as all electricity generated was being used up … very little was going out. Asked Eon for refund.
Eon rates risen by 8% … bizarrely means you benefit even more if you have panels. Youtube want me to ‘monetarise’ this video … NO.
Upate: 30 Nov 2011. Panels now been on for 1 full year. They generated 1360 KWh … 360 more than system was quoted as being able to do. FIT payments generated a 6% return on our money, then add in savings from usage – our daily average has dropped from 11.5 KWh to 8.5 KWh. Next year this should be lower as we had the meter problem earlier this year. Here’s one years output month by month: https://www.rich-visuals.com/pv/pv_gen.pdf

Post time: Feb-21-2018
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