Sunbright power Co.,Ltd.

Sunbright Power Co., Ltd. Sunbright Power Co. Ltd. is one of the biggest professional enterprises engaged in the manufacture and development of valve-regulated lead acid storage batteries in China. The company is located in Ningbo (the Port City of Yangtse River Delta Area). With a total investment of 400 million RMB, an area of 146, 000 m2, and existing 125, 000m2 workshops, the company’s annual production capacity reaches up to 4, 000, 000KVAh. Totally four series and more than one hundred different styles of the electric device batteries, small-sized valve regulated lead acid batteries, stationary valve regulated lead acid batteries and gel electrolyte lead acid batteries are well distributed in domestic and international markets. Just in the recent a few years, Sunbright has taken the leading position in technology, quality, cost control and service in the lead acid storage battery industry

Post time: Mar-24-2018
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