Starting up the 4.1kW Solar Off-Grid Power System for the first time! – Final Steps

How to Start a Solar PV System.
Step 1. Turn on the Solar Array at the Combiner Box.
Step 2. Turn on the switch from the charge controller to the battery bank
Step 3. Turn on the Switch from the Array to the Charge Controller
Step 4. Turn on the main DC switch in the E-Panel to the power up the Inverter.
Step 5. Turn on the Breaker to energize the Main Breaker box.
Step 6. Make Sure there is at least 5w of Load running to engage the inverter.

Then you can start taking measurements and troubleshooting any potential differences between calculated power and the measurements you are getting. Sometimes solar panel strings are not connected correctly or missing a connection. Its important to correct any problems in the system right away.

Post time: Nov-29-2017
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