Solar water pump New Technology combines with AC motor

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This solar pump was installed for a farmer for supplying the water for pepper. He builds water tank is about 200 cubic meters. This system we installed 14 solar panels on the top of the roof to provide power for AC motor pump 1 horse power from Italy. This motor pump flow rate is 5000L per hour, 220volt, and we use solar inverter without battery power 1 horse power. We install this motor pump 30 meter deep with well level sensor to control the water level not to be under pumping motor so that it can avoid from broken or burn motor pump. We tested this pump water flow rate is about 2000L per hour during the evening time and it can be 4500L at day time depends on the deep of installing. This solar system is expected to supply 1 ha land area of pepper. Price is about 6000 USD.

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Post time: Mar-25-2018
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