Solar UPS

Most Advanced UPS

1. LCD will display –
(i) Battery voltage ,
(ii) Inverter output voltage
(iii) Percentage of load
(iv) Mains voltage
(v) Changer on/off
(vi) Solar charging /mains charging
(vii) Inverter standby on/off
(viii) UPS mode / inverter mode
(ix) Phase input output reverse: whether mains is connected to inverter output
(x) Neutral and phase reverse: whether neutral and phase is connected reverse
(xi) Overload: if load is above 100% and below 300%
(xii) Heavy: if load is above 300%
(xiii) Short circuit
(xiv) Overload trip
(xv) Heavy load trip
(xvi) Short circuit trip
2. Menu driven set-up. There is no preset, the parameters such as battery low, charging current, inverter output voltage, load etc can be set by scrolling up and down keys and press enter.
3. Priority solar charging
4. Inverter/UPS selection switch, micro switch or ordinary switch selectable.
5. Inbuilt SMPS type constant current charging with full charge cut-off.
6. 20KHz operating frequency while inverter and charging, absolutely no sound.
7. Pure sine wave output
8. DSP based very low component cost design
9. Single sided pcb, easy to assemble without any smd components
10. Ideal for Mixed load application

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