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ShengYang has a professional team and professional solar inverter products
Sheng Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company with 15 years of manufacturing experience in private enterprise, the company is conveniently located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland, Changan Town, Dongguan. Location, east of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, south of Nansha, Guangzhou, Macau. Surface and air transportation are even points.

Sheng Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a group of diversified development of private enterprises, the company’s main business can be divided into two, metal and plastic products design and manufacture of electronic products design and manufacturing.
Sheng Yang Electronics Division specializes in the development and manufacture of solar energy, wind power and grid-connected inverter and off-grid inverter. Sheng Yang focused on grid-connected inverter power within the R & D 5000W stack,
With both less than in the 10000W power off-grid inverter. The inverter output is pure sine wave, solar photovoltaic (from) the grid and small-power wind turbines (from) grid, and battery (from) grid Several series of dozens of different models of power inverter products. We provide customers with solar energy, wind energy project consulting, system design and technical support and other services.

Our R & D staff is happy for our customers tailor-made to develop the customer quality products suitable for different regions and the environment. China is currently the most advanced high-frequency low-power photovoltaic inverter manufacturers,
Small power inverter industry, very few grasp of a number of core technologies, and has one of the completely independent intellectual property rights.
We hope:
Purchase and use of SY company’s solar power products friends, you should understand: Use the products require professional installation technology. Any dismantlement and change these products is not suitable and very dangerous.

Post time: Dec-27-2017
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