SOLAR PANEL WEED Weedeater HACK Weed Whacker Trimmer PV Photovoltaic Lawn Tools

Off grid weed wacker hack for DIY solar panel connections for powerful lawn tools. Panels work all brands of rechargeable trimmers have a battery life issue because they need to remain lightweight. Over time the charge controller board does not allow for a good deep battery charge so they only last a minute. You can find them at yard sales all the time. If you have a spare panel with MC connectors this is a fun easy fix. An external charge controller (not shown) can be added for quick solar charges needed in heavily shaded areas. You can use up to a 50 ft extension cord before voltage becomes a problem. Great solution for larger yards far from power. No more burning up electric AC trimmers with 200 ft of cord. I guess you could use a gas trimmer but the exhaust is very bad for you.

Post time: Nov-14-2017
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