Solar Panel Comparison – (100w Monocrystalline vs. 45w harbor freight set) – with battery info.

quick comparison between Two Harbor Freight “45 watt” 3 panel sets and a “100 watt” Monocrystalline panel from Renogy. the Renogy can be purchased new for $150-$180 dollars ($1.50 to $1.80 a watt!). HFT panels are about $4.00 a watt. Renogy panel has 18% conversion efficiency. HFT panels are 6%. i love harbor freight solar panels but at this point the way to go is with a panel like the one that Renogy sells. can be bought on Amazon for $179.99 or on Ebay for $150.00 (new). at that price you could get 10 of them (1KW system) for only $1500. included in the video is basic info. on how to figure out how many batteries to use for any given system. basic rule is to use one deep cycle battery for every 2 to 6 amps your system produces. conclusion: since $150 to $180 is the average price for the 45 watt set from harbor freight (and you can now get a high power 100 watt Monocrystalline panel for the same price; i have to recommend buying the Monocrystalline panels if you can. it had free shipping too

Post time: Jan-23-2018
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