solar fan auto description

Energy savings, more than 50% savings, lower electricity bill
Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard
High air delivery
Inverter/UPS friendly — Runs twice longer, no extra noise, no speed drop
No speed change due to supply variations or low voltage
Power factor better than 0.9
Service value of more than 6 – more air per watt
BLDC Motor runs cool – No heat generated
LED Indication for remote operation
Attractive colors and designer leaves
5 years warranty
Powder coated Aluminium die cast body & leaves — no rust
Sensor-less design for more reliability
Parts from reputed sources
Feather touch keys in remote
World-class ball bearings
Green product
Recyclable card board box
ROHS electronics
VOC free paint
Green packing — no polythene bags or thermo cole

Post time: Nov-22-2017
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