Solar And Wind And Battery Heaters Update And Power Bill January / February By KVUSMC

This Is Video Of Trying Finding Ways To Keep My Solar And Wind Battery Bank Warm In The Cooler Months ! I Will Be Using 2 Hydro Farm Seedling Mats 2 -17 watt Mats And One 45 watt Matt Which Is Equal To Only 79 Watts To Keep Your Battery Bank Warmer Than Freezing Temperatures ! I Would Recommend Contacting Your Battery Manufacturer If Your Using Flood Lead Acid Batteries I’m Using AGM Batteries In A Plywood Coffin Box Style ! These Heat Mats Will Raise The Temperature By Up to 30 Degrees F* I Will Let You Know When It Gets Colder How They Work Out !Many Thanks For Watching Please Subscribe KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr God Bless And Semper Fi

Post time: Mar-14-2018
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