Single Phase Power Quality Pt3 – Power Factor Correction

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This is a tutorial on single phase power quality, it covers some theory, analogies and practical demonstrations on the following topics:

* Power factor in linear loads – Real power (Watts), active power, true power, apparent power (VA – Volt Amps), reactive power (VAR- Volt Amps Reactive), phase angle, inductive loads, capacitive loads, leading and lagging power factor.

* Power factor in non-linear loads – harmonics, total harmonic distortion (THD), displacement power factor (DPF), distortion power factor (dPF), true power factor, total power factor.

* Power factor correction – passive, active, dynamic, harmonic filtering, synchronous condensers / capacitors, application of capacitors for power factor correction.

* Power grid stability – Use of VAR (reactive power) to stabilise grid voltage.

* Negative and positive effects of large solar (PV) power generation on the grid.

* Do the power factor correction devices for your home save you money?

* Quick demonstration of some tools to measure power quality:

Siglent SHS 1102 Oscilloscope –

HT Instruments HT2209 –

Fluke 345 –

Fluke 43B –

Power factor calculator –

Reactive Power Control in Utility-Scale PV –

Inverter Reactive Power Compensation –

Meet Solar’s Imaginary Friend, Reactive Power –

Power Factor Correction Scam Review –

What are non-linear loads and why are they a concern today?

Power factor Wiki –

Synchronous Condenser (sometimes called a synchronous capacitor or synchronous compensator) –
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Post time: Mar-27-2018
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