Self Reconfigurable Modular Robotics: Rapid Prototype Mock-ups

Self-Reconfiguring Technology: Universal Module-Cell Utility System

“a concept”

Part 1: Cell formed from 6 modules connected together
Part 2: 3 geometric shape modules joined together
Part 3: Changing pattern of 3 modules connected together
Part 4: Separating 3 modules from each other
Part 5: Movement and appearance of a single module
Part 6: Motion of 2 telescoping shafts connecting together
Part 7: Alignment and joining of connecting plates
Part 8: The two ways that modules can connect to each other
Part 9: The connecting plates can be genderless to allow any two to connect to each other
Part 10: Cutaway view of telescoping shaft

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Post time: Jan-13-2018
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