Schneider Electric Solar Conext XW Inverter/Charger – Features & Benefits

Schneider Electric Solar Global Product Manager Derek Pettingale discusses key features and benefits of the Schneider Electric Conext XW Inverter/Charger in this video.

Conext XW is an adaptable pure sine wave, single-phase and three-phase inverter/charger system with global grid-tie functionality and dual AC power inputs. Available solar charge controllers, monitoring, and automated generator control modules enable further adaptability. From single Conext XW units to multiple clusters of units, up to 36 kW each, the Conext XW is a scalable system that allows for the integration of solar capacity as required.

Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider Electric Conext XW system is the One Solution for global grid-interactive and off-grid, residential and commercial, solar and backup power applications. To learn more about Schneider Electric’s solar solutions, visit

Post time: Feb-08-2018
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