SAE Group Commercial Solar Install Solo Waste 143kW Solar Panels
SAE Group was engaged by Solo to design and quote on a solar system that would minimise the power usage from the grid over the 2 separate buildings. The interval data usage was analysed to map the usage over the previous year of operations and input into PV sell to correctly size the required PV system, once we had worked out the system size we were able to present to Solo our findings with extensive graph overlays, data and ROI.
The Installation itself is spread over North, East and West rooves to maximise the Solar production throughout the day to suit the Internal usage from the premises. The 99kw Installation was required to be export limited to 40kw over the 3 phases as per Essential Energy approval, which was enabled by the use of SMA export control hardware paired with The SMA Inverters.
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Post time: Apr-06-2018
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