RV full remodel with 400 watts PV panels and 620 Ah AGM sealed battery bank.

The point of this RV project is to create a long term boon docking RV without the use of most conventional RV ideologies.

When completed the unit will have 400w of solar charging a 620Ah battery bank. The 12v system is in the process of being engineered properly and for optimal use, which to many RVers surprise is not what they have been sold by dealers.

The system will not be RV specific so many designs will be applicable for off grid homes and other sustainable situations. Also the RV industry likes to slap an often 300% price increase just for adding the word RV in the advertising, so we will not be using “RV specific” equipment for the most part.

There will be no generator on board. Just our solid state generator… cough cough … I mean photovoltiac … cough cough… I mean solar panels to charge our almost all electrical system. Many people will try to tell me that it is not possible. Don’t Believe Me Just Watch!!! I mean subscribe. I am 99% positive the math is not lying to me.

The only appliance that is not electrical on the final build is the water heater which is a outdoor propane instant hot water heater. This was really the only item that mathematically did not line up with a full 12 volt electrical system. The appliance uses 1 gallon of propane per hour at max setting, so with our 20 gallon built in tank and some proper tuning it should last a while.

55 gallon water tank with a 60 gallon gray water tank. No black water tank as we are using a Nature’s Head composting toilet instead.

The finished product will be highly insulated with both dense foam and radiant reflective technologies. I will go over kill hear as it only aids my heating and cooling which will be the largest draw on my 12v system.

This is an interesting project, more money is being put into the remodel then on the vehicle itself. My friends have asked me why not just buy a newer RV? My answer is simple, they are still built in traditional ways and will need almost the same investment to upgrade to my design. Plus, mechanically, this thing is in excellent condition and ready for years of travel with basic maintenance. Cosmetically it needed lots of work, so perfect for my needs.

A lot of thought and time has gone into the working systems of this RV. I have designed all systems and will be installing every portion myself. Because of my mechanical mind I have already made some cosmetic mistakes that will be sure to be headaches in the future. I’ll tackle those one step at a time.

This is not a “look how much money I can pour into my stuff” project. Rather it is a “look how much I can save, while having a superior end product to those of industry standard”.

Hope you have fun watching my video posts on this project, but most of all, I hope we all learn something in the process.

Post time: Dec-15-2017
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