Rewiring My Tiny House Solar Charge Controller And Solar Panels

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I decided to rewire my solar charge controller and all the related wires coming and going through the tiny house on wheels. I first slapped it together to get an idea where I wanted the MPPT solar charge controller. Then I got it working.

Now that I have decided to keep it where it is, the time has come to wire it all up more permanently and neatly.

I also put a disconnect switch on the solar panel wire coming into the tiny house on wheels. I need to be able to cut the power from the solar panels so that I can work on the tiny house wiring. You must disconnect power from the solar panels before you disconnect power to the solar charge controller or you can damage the charge controller.

The switch will be installed in a box I will make myself so that it looks nice.

I also ran new wires for the solar charge controller temperature sensor and voltage sensor. This gives me a more accurate reading on the solar forklift battery status.

After rewiring the entire system I used zip ties to make all the wires look nice and neat.

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Post time: Nov-13-2017
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