(:Review:) ACT ~Intelligent Battery Tester~ Battery AmpHour Reading in Seconds

The Only Downside of This Product is The Price
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~~Review Details~~
The ACT Intelligent Battery Tester is Easily the Easiest Way to Test a 12V Battery.
Walmart is now using this technology in their testers in the automotive department to evaluate the state of a battery in seconds. Most auto parts stores are still doing full load/charge tests for warranty evaluations.

I have no complaints about this product except for the price. However for those in the business this device will pay for itself time and again. Whether you’re an alarm tech, solar installer, UPS administrator or whatever, this thing will be worth its weight in gold. For the home user, however (like myself), the price is a bit much to warrant. That being said, I have been using this thing for years and absolutely love owning it.

Take the example in the video. 3 batteries from a bank, all 3 test good voltage wise. How much time would I spend trying to figure out that it is the one battery in the middle that needs to be replaced? How would I go about testing them? How many hours would that take and how much is my time worth?

If You can afford it, buy it.
If You work with 12V Batteries on a regular basis, buy it.

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Post time: Feb-02-2018
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