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Welcome to Global Green 21 – Save up to 45% on your Water – Save 35%-90% on your Energy Bill

Our LEED Operation and Maintenance Programs are the same ones used by the U.S. Government to make their buildings more Environmentally and Energy Efficient.

The LEED system works and the pay backs are tremendous!

Our purpose in starting Global Green 21 is to offer our many years of experience in construction and energy efficient maintenance to the commercial/industrial/institutional client in an effort to create a sustainable building environment. We believe all structurally functional buildings can be made sustainable and made that way within a reasonable, acceptable budget.

Our Customers: Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Apartments, Malls & Retail and Industrial, Evaluation and Property Remediation.

Goals: Bring projects up to efficient sustainable levels and then maintain them through, Operations and Maintenance.

People, Planet, Profits – Renewable Energy Companies

Sustainable (adjective) Solutions (noun): Together, “Sustainable Solutions” are nothing short of Environmental Manna! All of the components, products and people working towards a common goal, an integrated orchestra whose music are creating a sustainable future. Our kids are going to love us for it!

Baseline… What Is It? Do you know the water and energy baseline of your building? If you know your average water and energy use as measured over one year, then you have a clear, definable objective… lower their usage. Then lower it again. Using software as a tool of measurement actually makes it a fun, tangible event!

Air: The air inside of your building could be much more polluted than the air outside. Since the average person spends 90% of their time indoors, wouldn’t you like some clean air? Knock off the smoking inside a building and move it outside, way outside… second hand smoke is a killer. Install new ventilation filters with a MERV rating of around 13. The more ventilation the better.

Recycling: It’s hard to believe, but many cities still don’t have a recycling program. Start one. First of all, we all love easy, so make your recycling program easy and convenient. Glass, plastics, metal, corrugated cardboard and paper, are the five minimum things you should be recycling. Recycling can help to reduce the number of landfills!

Renewable Energy Companies

Green Energy: (renewable energy) Net Zero energy bills are possible, but a lot of work. Start with your building location and design to see how you can utilize PV Solar panels. Some states have some great rebate and cost reduction programs. Don’t forget… insulation is a must. Seal all the HVAC ducts, cracks around doors and windows, then shoot for as high an R-Value as your budget allows and also what makes for good sense in the area you live.

REC’s: Renewable Energy Credits are tradable energy commodities that are purchased in one megawatt units of renewable green energy. REC’s encourage energy technology growth.

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Renewable Energy Companies

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