Quality, affordable solar panel systems – Brisbane, Australia – BioSolar Customer Story #69


Keith Graham, who got a 5kW system installed on his modern two-story home in Shailer Park, always thought solar would be something to add to his family’s self-sufficient lifestyle.

“It was something we knew we would get down the track. We got in contact with BioSolar and they had a solar consultant in our area to come over and have a chat,” he said.

Keith, who was searching for a credible company, said the solar consultant was fantastic at selling the product.

“You knew he wasn’t scripted and he was very good at giving the information and answering any questions we had,” Keith said.

After two weeks of thorough research about the company, solar was no longer a pipe dream for the Graham family.

“You always hear about the bad stories and companies that aren’t too credible so we wanted to make sure we researched enough about the company,” he said.

Keith said he could back up everything that the solar consultant had said about the company and the quality of the product.

Keith has found a silver lining for the hot summer days with his 5kW system.

“It’s the UV index I start to look at now. It’s good to know that on those hot stinking days that the sun is doing something to help produce energy,” Keith said.

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BioSolar provides all of our customers with an industry leading solar panel installation Platinum Warranty for complete peace-of-mind and savings you can bank on. You also obtain an extensive 5-Step Quality Assurance Guarantee, which is our promise to you that we will deliver exceptional solar energy panels and installation service.

We have helped thousands of Australian families get solar panels installed in Australia. We have established ourselves as a market leader in solar panel power, and continue to lead the industry in providing high quality, affordable PV solar panels.

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Post time: Feb-18-2018
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