pure sine wave dc to ac 12v 220v 3000w testing video Shenzhen Heng Ye Da Elec. Co., Ltd.

High frequency Pure sine wave 12V to 220v 3000w load electromagnetic oven. Fridge,, cooker, engines, pumps. —- Shenzhen Heng Ye Da Elec. Co., Ltd.

1. Reach and meet the EU/ EN55022. 55024 and EN60950 standard. and have got the CE certificate.

2. We use Aluminum alloy shell, thermal performance better than other materials, which not prone to accidents.

3. The Conversion efficiency up to 90%, which can extend battery usage time,and the inverter heat smaller.

Many low-priced products on the market with the conversion rate of only 50-60%.

4. With complete Protection function. Lack-voltage alarm.Low-voltage protection.Over-voltage protection. Overload protection.Temperature protection. Short circuit protection.all with beep and falsh light. .

A: HENYED’S Lack-voltage alarm and low-voltage protection have different mode, if the light slow flash and slow bi-bi-bi, It expressed lack of voltage. if the light fast flash and quickly bi-bi-bi, It expressed Low-voltage

and cut off output. Most products in the market dont have this function.

B: Our products exceed the load will automatically cut off and does not automatically resume.if the inverter resume automatically. After overload will automatically recover . when its under the overload critical point, It will continue opening and closing, which very easy damaging the electrical

C:Our temperature protection design 60。C<protection<70。C. Some of the products still no protection when it over 80。C. Its unsafe working,also easy to damage the internal components.

5. With double GB line 25mm2 * 600mm, (SC25-8 copper terminals)

6. With LCD display which can show you the input and output voltage. also the wave and battery capacity.

7. Outside the fuse. which can be easier changed. also we have Bonus Fuse

8. With 16pcs imported IR MOSFET which is No easy to break down and more stable.

9.With CPU controll —- more stable.More accurate with voltage protection, Simple circuit.easier maintenance, more consistent production

For example: Overvoltage alarm is 15V. The CPU controls may 15.5V had been alarm and protection, but the hardware control maybe 18V or more still have not alarm.

10. Our inverter design with peak power within 2 times. But some of the inverter no have peak power. So that is very difficult to load the motor, air conditioning, electric drills and other inductive products ..

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Post time: Dec-20-2017
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