PRIME RPT-S500 How-to-Operate

PRIME Lead-Acid Battery Regenerators

PRIME Battery Regeneration Technology is a world first invention for removing sulfates by real High-Frequency Pulse. Our special High-Frequency Pulse technology is the most advanced method among all battery regeneration methods for removing sulfates and improving the performance and the electromotive force of used batteries. PRIME regenerators are the only regenerator which can make the superior regeneration by supplying real High-Frequency Pulse included current at the same time.

‘PRIME’ series have the highest quality & restoration performance, while the lowest prices!
◈ Epoch-making technology in battery regeneration! Forget all of the previous regenerators!!
◈ PRIME Regeneration Technology overcomes the limitation of all existing regeneration methods!!!

PRIME RPT-S500 Battery Regenerator : 2V~96V all-in-one voltage, 3Kw SMPS, Max. 60A output current, 8 inch Touch Screen Monitor, Single Phase. This system easily de-sulfates all kinds of lead-acid batteries up to 3,000Ah such as Forklift, Telecom UPS, Golf Carts and automotive /solar/UPS batteries with sizes of 2-volt, 4-volt, 6-volt, 8-volt, 10-volt, 12-volt, 24-volt, 36-volt, 48-volt, 60-volt, 72-volt, 80-volt, 84-volt or 96-volt batteries. You can also connect batteries in series, such as max. 8 batteries of 12 volts each, which equals a 96-volt bank of batteries or max. 24 batteries of 2 volts, which equals a 48-volt bank of UPS and Forklift batteries as well. And more …. (Maximum Power Consumption : 3Kw, Single Phase, Maximum Input AC Current : 20A, 220VAC)
RPT-S500 (3-in-1) :
1. Regenerator (2V~96V all adjustable voltages-in-one, 40Ah~ 3,000Ah capacity) at ‘REGENERATION’ mode
2. Charger (2V~96V all adjustable voltages-in-one, Up to 3,000Ah capacity) at ‘CHARGE’ mode
3. Expert Mode (2V~96V free setting mode of Voltage, Current & Time for special & sleeping batteries, same as a POWER SUPPLY Mode)
* Mainly used for Forklift, TELECOM UPS, Golf Cart & other Deep Cycle batteries
* Maximum Output Current : 2~48V = 60A and 50~96V = 30A
* A serial connection up to 12V x 8 (or 2V x 24) batteries at the same time. (‘REGENERATION’ and ‘CHARGE’ modes)

* The regeneration time with any PRIME regenerator takes 15 hours including a full charge. But any battery was already nearly full charged, the operation of PRIME will be automatically stopped earlier, regardless of its setting time (15 hours).

* PRIME regeneration methods are not adding any sulfuric-acid and chemical additive in any cell at all.

Warranty : Two years limited & conditioned warranty would be supported. If you have any trouble with PRIME products, we will send instruction manuals with pictures for disassemble & assemble guide case by case.

After Service Commitment : If you have any defective matter with PRIME products, you should inform us of its symptom with pictures or video earlier to return. If we determine that it should be repaired or replaced, then you should disassemble a board to be dispatched via an express mail service. Or, we will send some parts via DHL for replacement by your technician. The free warranty will be covered for all defective matters without any defects by misuse. Of course, we will pay for all return international freight cost for replacement or repair during one year limited free warranty period. Two years – we will supply for the consuming of troubled consuming parts with a collect DHL freight cost.

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