Preston Stroud New Power Jack Grid Tie Inverter with Missouri Wind and Solar Charge Controller

Preston Stroud’s new Power Jack Grid Tie Inverter setup is demonstrated. I have just installed a 2500 watt power jack grid tie inverter to run my solar array directly into the home power grid and reduce the electrical bill.

The Missouri Wind and Solar 9 blade wind turbine is still running into the Missour Wind and Solar charge controller. During an emergency power outage, the solar power can be re-directed from the grid tie inverter to the battery bank through the charge controller. The battery power is consumed during emergencies through a 5000 watt battery inverter.

My setup includes the following specs:
* (7) solar panels generating 1,230 watts / 34-38 amps summer and 24-28 amps winter.
* Missouri Wind and Solar 9 blade wind turbine, 800 watts
* Missouri Wind and Solar 440 amp charge controller for both wind and solar (solar during emergencies)
* Power Jack 2500 watt grid tie inverter
* Missouri Wind and Solar blocking diode (170 amp / 600v) and 200 amp fuse.
* Missouri Wind and Solar amp meter to measure solar power (note that charge controller amps are for wind power)
* Missouri Wind and Solar 1200 watt battery dump resistor bank
* (2) power shut off boxes to direct solar to either the charge controller or grid tie inverter.
* Power Inverter 5000 watt pure sine wave inverter for emergency backup power
* (12) golf cart batteries at 6 volts
* System is wired for 12 volt battery bank

NOTE: Someone on the internet has been unjustly attacking Missouri Wind and Solar so they can promote their own products / sales. I do not agree with what they say. I can personally state that I have 8 products from Missouri Wind and Solar( All products are of very high quality and construction of their electrical components, wind turbine and solar panels. I have been very pleased with Jeff’s products and they are very dependable. I have also personally spoken with Jeff and he is always happy to provide guidance on your setup and his products. I do highly recommend Jeff and Missouri Wind and Solar (


Post time: Dec-18-2017
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