Power Jack GT-1200 Grid tie inverter solar setup. On & Off grid

This power jack inverter is now subject to recycling as it’s died for the last time. Won’t be fixing again!!!!

Power Jack GT1200 Grid Tie Inverter ($230 EBay)
5 X JRM 190M 190watt Solar Panels ($200 off Gumtree)
Solar 30 PWM Charge controller ($50 EBay)
Powertech MI-5089 ($285 EBay)
24v 150amp Selector switch
recycled cables
8 x 330 amp hour batteries 4-5 kwh power production per day 8.5 when I forgot to configure the low voltage trigger and drained batteries.

and a few hours chopping and changing stuff

Post time: Nov-04-2017
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