Piller – Isolated Parallel UPS System

A new topology for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), called Isolated Parallel System (IP-System), combines the advantages of some of the most popular system designs while eliminating their main limitations and drawbacks. This presentation explains the function of an IP-System, and the kinds of options, which are the most suitable for this application. It also shows why an IP-System can be seen as a green alternative to existing UPS scheme topologies.

About Piller
Piller Power Systems GmbH (www.piller.com) produces power protection systems for “mission critical” applications world wide. The company was founded in Osterode, near Hanover in Germany in 1909 and acquired by the British engineering group Langley Holdings plc (www.langleyholdings.com) in 2004. Today the company is widely regarded as the leader in the field of high-end power protection for central banks, broadcasters telecommunications companies, government organisations and other major datacenter users.

Post time: Oct-17-2017
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