Photovoltaic Solar Panels Scotland … via Tesco ? – Plan Survey Install Generate

If you are contemplating installing photovoltaics and taking advantage of the treasury F.I.T (Feed In Tariff) handouts then this presentation might be of interest.
It covers why we chose photovoltaics, the pre-requisites, installation procedure, performance.
Be advised – payback will be really maximised if you put FIT payments in to ISA’s!!!! .. .don’t just spend this quarterly payment … you would have been better hanging on to your savings.
Update – system generating just over 1600 watts/h on super bright clear day.Bettering design size of system.
I will be updating this every month
I have a query I am gonna take to Sharp (panel manufacturers) … see this youtube: only posted this today.

Post time: Apr-10-2018
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