Parker’s 890 GT-S Solar Inverter

In this video, Jim Hoelscher, General Manager of Parker’s Global Energy Grid Tie Division introduces a new utility scale PV solar inverter, which was launched at Solar Power International in Chicago this year. The Parker 890GT-S Out¬door Central Solar Inverter is designed for utility scale PV applica¬tions through 2MW. A high efficiency 1000 volt design integrates proven IGBT power conversion with Parker’s ground breaking two-phase refrigerant cool¬ing technology. Operating modes include Grid Parallel (current mode) and Island (voltage mode). Slew rate control for both real and reactive power make the 890GT-S grid friendly, and MPPT control ensures the maximum energy harvest, even during non-optimum days. The Parker 890GT-S employs a unique modular design for ease of maintenance and service. Output power is handled by easily replaceable phase modules. Each module contains power semiconductors, long life film capacitors, and gate drive circuitry, and can be replaced in about 10 minutes. Diagnostics include up to 100 individual monitoring points and a telemetry system that allows Parker’s heat seeker technology to provide instantaneous operating status either locally or remotely. If an anomaly is detected, the decision can be made to reduce output or schedule maintenance as needed, thus preempting possible failure.

Post time: Mar-28-2018
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