Para Dba Minuteman Ups Endeavor Ed2000rm2u 2000va Tower

More infos:
Floor-standing tower 19-inch rack and cabinet installation kits included23-inch or optionalWallmount 3.5-inch (2u) rack/tower case styleUp to a 0.8 power factor (in watts) for larger capacitiesOutput receptacle control for non-critical load shedding capabilityExtended runtime using external battery packsIndependent chargers to reduce recharge timesSimultaneous Rs-232 Usb and Snmp communicationsMinuteman Sentryplus Ups monitoring and softwareFront panel display with load/battery meter and status indicatorsThree-year non-prorated warranty (including batteries)Dedicated remote Emergency Off (epo) portHot-swappable batteriesRohs compliant$200 000 Platinum Protection Plan (u.s.
and Canada only)mm-ed2000rm2u

Post time: Nov-22-2017
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