Outback Offgrid Overview.mp4

This is part one of a multi-part series on my Outback Power Systems off-grid battery based system.

System Specifications:

Flexware 500 power panel and backplane
(2) Outback VFX 3524 inverters, classic stacking,
240v @ 30 amp continuous, 70 amp surge
or 120v @ 60 amp continuous, 130 amp surge
Outback FM-60 MPPT Charge Controller
Outback Hub 4 communications interface with real time temp sensor
Outback Mate 2 control interface

PV String one: (5) Kyocera 130TM, 650 watts total @ 95 volts DC
PV string two: (3) Kyocera 158g, (1) Mitsubishi Electric UD185MF5 @ 100volts DC
Strings balanced within 3% variance, 1309 watts total @ STC

(4) 110 AH AGM batteries wired for 24v system voltage, 220 AH @ 24v
(2) 250amp DC overcurrent protection
Delta LA-302 Lightning Arrestor

Post time: Mar-31-2018
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