Off Grid Tiny House Tour – Solar Power – Wind Power

Taking a visit to Bill’s Off Grid Solar Cabin to see how they live. They are mobile prepper’s and this will be there retirement home. They have 2 x 250 watt solar panels making a 500 watt Solar Panel System. In an upcoming video will be the wind turbine installation. They are living off grid using rain water collection (shown being installed) and temporarily using a coleman refrigerator as a temporary way to keep food cold until they upgrade. They’ve been living off grid for over a week now, and LOVING IT! They have a composting toilet inside as well. Surprisingly there is no smell. Wood stove inside for heat in the winter, they are completely off the grid and almost live for free. The tiny house is manufactured and delivered. It makes a very nice kit for a DIY Off Grid Tiny House or Off Grid Cabin. Tiny homes are the way to go in this economy. Check out there channel listed below.
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Post time: Nov-21-2017
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