Off Grid Living: Solar Battery’s. DONT BUY USED!!!!!!!!!

Solar battery’s are the heart of a off grid setup. Selecting the right ones BE IT LEAD ACID OR EVEN agm’S it is imperative that you start with new battery’s. Buying used battery’s is something no person who is going off the grid and relying on their system should even consider.
Pure life for living is a live and learn example. They dont mind since they say its all about the learning process and the journey. BUT for those who are looking for so me practical input WE caution..DO NOT buy used battery’s! EVER!

Solar battery’s cannot from just looking at them tell you the story for how they were cared for. They cant tell you if they were de sulfinated, how many times the specific gravity was checked, if they ever got discharged below their discharge rate and therefore may have been damaged.
They dont tell you if the person forgot to feed them water, they dont tell you how HARD they were used!
Refurbished batterys ARE different from USED. TAKE refurbished FORK lift batteries! GREAT option for off grid! BUT they have been refurbished!!

Your investment is for the future..this is not a area you need to be cutting corners. Start the process off on the right foot. Learn from Pure Living for Life. DONT make it that hard!:)
THERE are no deals when it comes to buying a used solar battery.
Its like buying a used battery for your brand new 2016 car! WHY???

Educate Yourself..great beginner book on Solar

CHECK your ELECTRIC use now!!!

portable and useful solar charging for gadgets!!

Bring it outside..dont cook indoors SAVE electricity!

Solar Ovens..think outside the box

THE only piece of equipment you need for your solar batteries!!!!!

Bring it outside..dont cook indoors SAVE electricity!

SAVE electric with your heating of the water!!!

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Post time: Dec-13-2017
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