Odyssey extreme 65 series battery installation in a Ford Edge

I replaced the 18 month old Motorcraft battery with 540 CCA with an Odyssey extreme 65-PC1750 with 950 CCA. This battery cranks over the engine of my Ford Edge in less than a second. Immediate and quick starts. The Odyssey battery is an AGM dry cell battery made in the USA. It weighs in at 58 lbs so it is not a light battery for use in an Edge and denotes the product construction. It is a deep cycle battery that can withstand 80 percent discharge over 400 times. It has a low temp operating range of -40 below zero. Say good bye to slow winter starts. The battery also has a 4 year full replacement warranty and Odyssey states most will work for approximately 7-10 years. Price paid was approximately 261.00 dollars.

Post time: Oct-21-2017
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