New in the Box for Twenty-One Years: APC Smart-UPS 600

I was surprised to find that this older Smart-UPS couldn’t quite manage to start up after “jump starting” it by charging up the large filter capacitor sitting between the batteries and inverter. The newer (2001-present for sure) units usually can be “jump started” in that way for a go/no-go test, even if their battery is gone or hopelessly trashed.

I think it’ll come around. I’ve got some slightly more serviceable batteries that will probably do for a test.

I’m not surprised that the batteries inside it are likely gone past any hope of salvage. (Oh, it would have been an *awesome* thing to happen, had they come to life, even if only long enough for a quick test.) The record set by a Belkin UPS that sat in its sealed box for fourteen years still stands — and that particular battery gave me three or four years!

There’s probably more stuff I had planned to put in here. I’m too tired and cold to re-watch the video right now. (You guessed it. One day after recording this…we got snow! I’ve had far too much fun playing in it.)

Some might suggest a full replacement of electrolytic capacitors. I’ve thought about it and reached the decision that I’m really not too worried at this time. Maybe at some point in the future, especially if this gets into regular or important use…

And yes, I meant “Philips” when I said “bladed”. As I’ve said: my videos are generally “as they happen”, warts and all.

Post time: Mar-11-2018
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