NATO POWERSHIELD FGMX 12120 ELITE FG BATTERY 6T-AGM – Today’s equipment is required to operate in extreme conditions; dry/hot climates, freezing polar locations. This kind of conditions together with requirements for high performance and reliability are the variables that FIAMM considered while developing the POWERSHIELD range of products. This range is designed to satisfy the high demand requirements of the customers. The FGMX12120 is sized to fi t the widest range of applications as a standard 6T size.

EMC Battery has over 20 years of experience in the Uninterruptible Power Supply industry, We provide services such as Battery Replacement (install of new batteries, safe removal & disposal of used batteries), Preventive Maintenance service contracts on UPS and Telecom systems, cell tower backup power systems, and Design-Build services for data centers of all sizes/requirements.

Post time: Mar-23-2018
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