My Solar Power Back Up System For House & Shop OFF THE GRID The Beginning VIARLOCITY part 1

My Solar Power Back Up Power System For House & Shop OFF GRID ! Thanks To and thanks to And also for Nice Honda generator from They Are Really Helpful I bought All My stuff There ! My System includes 2 135 watt Kyocera panel at 270 watts Plus Midnite Solar PV Combiner Box For Panels Also A Mini 250 Amp midnite solar disconnect Box & A Morningstar pro star 30 amp Charge Controller & a Magna sine Magnum energy 2000 Watt pure Sine Wave Inverter With Automatic Charge & Generator To Charge Batteries I have AGM Batteries 27 series For or of them in Paralell which equals to 270 AMP Hours Each of Them are 90 AMp hours Deep Cycle Also Thanks To Taylor Forbes Equipment For my Honda EU2000 I Generator To Charge My battery Bank At night or for Back up when not Enough Sun I can Run All our Pleasure items in our 1500 sqft House Except Heat Pump & Hot Water But I have Propane Heat For Winter & gas Range To heat Hot Water & Ceiling Fan & Widow That open For AC during Hurricane Outages in Summer or Fall Thanks For Watching KVUSMC

Post time: Mar-08-2018
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