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We UNITEC INDUSTRIES Situated in the heart of Bangalore are the manufacturers of UPS / INVERTERS , MPPT Solar Charge controllers , Solar Hybridiser / Hybridizer , BATTERIES , SERVO STABILIZERS , and SOLAR PRODUCTS .

We have developed a unique product called Solar Hybridiser/ Hybridizer a go green product which can be used to convert any existing UPS / INVERTER and BATTERY (no matter how old it is) in to a solar UPS / INVERTER and save electricity for the generations to come , For example if you are using 12v 40a SOLAR HYBRIDISER / HYBRIDIZER with 600 WP SOLAR PANELS and with a load of around 500 watts you can save electricity up to 40% , This SOLAR HYBRIDISER / HYBRIDIZER is a very good product to use on commercial and domestic premises for maximum SOLAR benefit.

This SOLAR HYBRIDISER / HYBRIDIZER works with an efficiency of more than 99% . Mr ASLAM PASHA MD of UNITEC INDUSTRIES has around 25 Years of experience in manufacturing Electronic equipment and more than 6 years experience in manufacturing MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS , Solar Hybridisers / Hybridizers , UPS , INVERTERS , TUBULAR BATTERIES , SERVO STABILIZERS , LED BULBS and many more products .


In the morning as soon as the SOLAR is available our SOLAR HYBRIDISER / HYBRIDIZER checks the battery installed , If the battery is not fully charged this SOLAR HYBRIDISER / HYBRIDIZER allows the battery to charge fully and as soon as the battery is fully charged this SOLAR HYBRIDISER / HYBRIDIZER will cut the electricity (AC) automatically and will allow your existing UPS / INVERTER to run only on SOLAR the whole day (if u are using a load less than the solar panels installed) And when in the evening SOLAR is too low to be used this SOLAR HYBRIDISER / HYBRIDIZER will reconnect the electricity (AC) automatically , This means the whole day you are not using the electricity and saving it for our next generations to come .

This solar hybridizer comes in capacities of 12v 40a , 12v 80a , 24v 40a , 24v 80a . And even in higher capacities .

We are looking for distributors / dealers all over INDIA .with good marketing network .

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