Mikes DIY Powerwall Update 10 – Part 2 The Test – GTIL2 2000w Grid Tie Inverter with limiter

Part 2/2 Testing GTIL2 2000w v2 Grid Tie Inverter with limiter.
It works! Given the low test voltage of just over the turn off min 45 volts, we didn’t see anything much above 300watts throughout the tests with the batts around 46volts, But given this very low voltage i really wouldn’t expect the inverter to push much more out. As the Range of the inverter is 45-90v.
CT clamp Limiter is working and following the AC load, but is out by around 120watts but later we will see how it goes when we have a bigger “house” load on the CT and then see how much its out by. I need to extend the CT clamp by 25m so we will see if that works and how it also affects the measurements. Also we will find out how well the inverter runs when the DC voltage is much higher. My powerwall will have a low voltage limit of 60v and the inverter will normally see voltages above 70volts from the Powerwall. When the voltage is more in the sweet spot the inverter we should start pushing out well over the 1000w. We shall see on the next videos.

Post time: Feb-16-2018
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