Mercedes Benz (Testing the battery with the new Midtronics 717 software) German

0,6,Testing the battery with the new Midtronics 717 software.
7,13,Remove the ignition key and switch off the lights |so that the on-board electrical system becomes idle.
15,27,Before testing the battery, check the contacts on the clamps for damage.
27,40,Important: Only use genuine clamps! The ordering address is listed in TIPS.
41,47,Always perform the test directly at the battery terminals, |not at the jump-starting point.
48,54,Read off the battery data, such as capacity, cold cranking amps |and test standard from the battery.
55,65,If the battery is very dirty, clean it carefully with a damp cloth in order to avoid a static charge. Never use a dry cloth!
66,71,The battery should be tested in the installed condition |and should not be disconnected from the on-board electrical system.
71,76,When the clamps are connected, the battery voltage appears in the display for a short time.
76,81,The tester is most accurate at a battery voltage of = 12.2 V. |
81,86,Please note: The battery is tested in the vehicle. |||
86,92,The range 12 to 114 Ah must be selected according to the capacity of the battery to be tested. |||
93,99,Important: The small backup battery with a capacity of 1.2 Ah, such as is currently used in model series 164 and 251, ….|||
99,105,…is charged and its voltage monitored by the passenger-side SAM.|||
106,115,In the menu item BATTERY TYPE you can choose between |NORMAL for wet-cell batteries and VRLA for AGM batteries. ||
116,120,The test standard is selected in a subsequent step.|||
120,126,Important: Wherever possible, always use the EN test standard in accordance with the data on the battery! |||
127,132,Replacement batteries on which no test standard is specified are also tested according to the EN standard. |||
133,149,Here we set the value for the cold cranking amps. |When the value has been set, the test commences. ||
150,155,If the tester detects a surface voltage, this surface voltage must be dissipated. |||
156,170,This is done as specified by the tester, by switching a consumer, the low beam for example, on or off. |||
171,177,Now the vehicle model must be selected. The tester provides a special test for taxis. |||
177,184,When the test is complete, the result appears in the display. |||
185,192,When the request for the test code is confirmed with ENTER, |the TEST CODE is displayed. ||
193,200,To print out the results, keep to the following sequence: |Disconnect the tester from the battery, switch on the printer, ||
201,211,press the bottom button on the Midtronics unit to switch it on, |use the arrow buttons to select PRINT TEST. ||
212,224,The test results and the test code are now printed and can be filed in a tamperproof manner. |||

Post time: Jan-25-2018
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